i57 – Relaisstatus


  1. OFF DB0SM — Mode U/V Lineartransponder (im Bau 2017)
  2. ON DB0PTW — 23cm FM SVX Relais (Echolink ON)
  3. ON DB0EMS — 70cm FM SVX Relais (linked to Nordwestserver / Echolink ON)
  4. ON DB0EMS — APRS Digipeater (WX3in1) (APRS and Telemetrie mode activated)
  5. ON DB0ELR — 2m FM SVX Relais (linked to HansaLink)
  6. ON DL0PBS — KW WSPR-Bake im Clubheim (WSPR and CW mode activated)
  7. ON DL0PBS — VHF APRS-Digipeater im Clubheim (APRS and Telemetrie mode activated)
  8. ON DB0SM — 2m FM SVX Relais (linked to Nordwestserver)
  9. ON DB0ELD — 70cm dStar Relais (linked to Elbe/Weser Reflector)
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